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The Passover BLOOD and COVID-19 The Deity and Supremacy of God OR Human Supremacy
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THE ARK and COVID-19, 3rd Ed.

Message 2



T he second message is entitled, “The Ark and COVID-19.” As an introduction, I would like to cover some basic principles in the Scriptures regarding who God is, His divine attributes, divine economy, purpose and goal in creation, divine procedure, and the mysterious Church! After laying a solid foundation, we can proceed to the subject of this message with a transparent, clear, opened mind and prayerful heart to the Lord’s up-to-date speaking on the spiritual perception and perspicacity of today’s Christianity regarding the end of this age, the present pandemic, and upcoming tribulations.



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Essentially, the World Gospel Kingdom Tracts is categorically intended  to unlock the mystery of your human life. WGKT is explicitly designed to make known the unsearchable riches of this Wonderful Christ as the mystery of the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Tract distribution is God’s sovereign way to propagate the gospel of Christ to make known the mystery of His will and His divine eternal purpose.


We need to see the crucial matter that the intrinsic essence of the gospel is the Kingdom! The Kingdom of God is a divine sphere for God to work out His plan in His divine economy.  The Kingdom of God is a realm where God can exercise His divine authority to accomplish what He intends to do. The Kingdom of God is the ruling, the reigning, of God with all its blessings and enjoyment (Mark 1:15; Colossians 1:13).


God’s eyes are turned to the Kingdom and concentrated on the Kingdom.  As God incarnate, the Lord Jesus came to establish the Kingdom of God, to establish a realm in which God can carry out His purpose through the exercise of His authority (John 1:1, 14; 3:3, 5; 18:36; Mark 4:3, 26-29; Matthew 12:28).


This is not a new gospel but one that has been neglected by the Church. The Church has forgotten about the victory, majesty, and Kingship of Christ. Those who dare to testify that only Christ is the King and that Satan is not the king are the ones who are truly preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of the Heavens!  There is only one gospel today that matches this age. God’s emphasis in this age is the expatriation of Satan and the triumph of His Son!  What we need today are Christians who match this age! God needs to gain a group of people who will sympathize with Him, who will work with Him, who will bring this age to a close, and who will bring God’s Kingdom in!


We should never think that the end will come by itself. If we reject God’s will, it is possible to hinder His will. God is waiting for those who are one with Him and who will work with Him so that He can bring this age to an end! Who is willing to participate in such a great work?




Life-Study of Genesis:  God's Dealing with the THIRD Fall of Man:

The Way of Salvation
from Man's THIRD Fall
Part 6





f. Living under God’s Covenant

1) No More Judgment of Death


Then God made a covenant with Noah, his seed, and with every living creature (Genesis 9:8-11). This covenant was mainly of one aspect—that never again would death come through the judgment of the death waters. The covenant here mainly typifies that in the church life there is no longer death, but life! The eight persons lived under that covenant. Since we do not share their background, it is difficult for us to understand their feelings upon leaving the Ark. Suppose you were one of Noah’s daughters-in-law. After coming out of the Ark, you would still have been fearful, thinking that after awhile the flood might come again. Perhaps you would have said to yourself, “Before the flood, I had assurance. I looked at the sky, and it was clear. I was filled with assurance because the sky was clear. I had no fear. Now, through the experience of the flood, I have no assurance at all. The sky is clear, but perhaps the flood will come again.” The people had no assurance; they were threatened and fearful. This signifies that even after we have been saved and brought into the church life, we are still under the threatening of death. Many are threatened by the besetting sins and the possibility of losing their temper. They hate their temper. Two weeks ago their sky was clear, but suddenly there was thunder and a great downpour—that was the loss of the temper. Whenever this happens, they are frightened. Many saints have told me, “Brother, it is so good in the church life. But we don’t have the faith or assurance that every day will be the same. I am kind toward my wife today, but perhaps after two days I will lose my temper and be bankrupt. I have no assurance and no peace. I am full of fear.” Some sisters have no peace with their husbands or with themselves. They are under the fear that the flood will come again, that the death waters will come once more.


Because of this sense of threatening that Noah and the others were under, God made a covenant with them. God seemed to say, “Be at peace and be assured. No flood will come. There will be no more waters of death.” This signifies that we may be assured and at peace in the church life, for there is no more death. Now in Christ there is no condemnation (Romans 8:1), no death water. We are in Romans Chapter 8 where there is no condemnation, no flood, no death, and no judgment. The more we say, “No more,” the more we realize that we have no death. Do not believe your feelings and do not listen to your convictions. Your convictions are not dependable; they are lies. You must live under God’s covenant. Do not live under your feelings, your convictions, or any environment. God’s covenant declares that whenever the sky is cloudy, God will send a rainbow. When you see the rainbow, you know that the flood will not come. If your wife or husband has been so pleasant for two weeks and suddenly the sky becomes cloudy, do not believe it. You must say, “Lord, send the rainbow.” Do not believe that your husband is going to lose his temper, but say, “Lord, You are faithful. You can take away the cloud and send the rainbow.” If you say this, the sky will be clear!


Do not believe that you are weak. That is the lie of Satan. Do not believe that you will lose your temper, that you will fall. If you believe something negative and speak that thing, it will come to pass. Such prophecies are certainly fulfilled. If you are afraid of something and prophesy regarding that thing, it will happen. Do not believe your weaknesses. Do you believe them? Are you now living under your weaknesses or are you under God’s covenant? The whole New Testament is called a new testament. A testament is even better than a covenant. We have a twenty-seven-book testament, a twenty-seven-book covenant. This covenant says, “There is now then no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1). This covenant also says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9). Do you believe this? If we believe it, we should say a strong, “Amen.” The covenant also says, “Christ...nullified death” (2 Timothy 1:10). Do you believe this? Do not look at yourself—look at Christ. Whenever you look at yourself, you will be trembling. We should not live under ourselves, but under God’s covenant. We have a covenant! The covenant that God made with Noah was very short, at the most only half a chapter in length. But our covenant has twenty-seven books. Are you weak? You must say, “No, I am no longer weak, because the covenant tells me that I can ‘be empowered in the grace which is in Christ Jesus’ (2 Timothy 2:1), and I can ‘boast in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ might tabernacle over me’” (2 Corinthians 12:9). Spiritually speaking, I like the song that I learned as a child: “Jesus loves me—this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” We may also say, “I am strong in the grace—this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” We can declare, “I will be kept from stumbling—this I know, for the Bible tells me so” (Jude 24). Some of you may not have the faith to say this. You may think that this is too much and ask, “How can you say, ‘I will be kept from stumbling—this I know’? I dare not say this. If I were to say it tonight, surely I would fall tomorrow.” Yes, you would fall, simply because you prophesied that you would. You would fall because you are living under your feelings, not under God’s covenant!


In His covenant, God says, “No more flood, no more judgment by water.” If you had been there at the time, would you have said, “Amen”? I would have said, “Amen,” over and over again. When Noah saw the clouds, he had no need to be afraid, because he knew that the rainbow would come. So, when the cloud of temper arises, you can say, “Lord, I will not lose my temper. Send the rainbow. I don’t care about the cloud—I care about the rainbow. The sky is dark and the cloud is great, but a colorful rainbow is coming. Look at the rainbow.” When you say this, you call things not being as being through faith. This faith is not according to your imagination; it is according to the twenty-seven books of God’s written covenant.


After the flood, the eight persons became people of the covenant. They were a covenant people. In the church life, in Christ’s resurrection, we are the covenant people. We have a covenant. We are not living under any of our convictions, considerations, or lies; we are living under God’s covenant. We are now living under the New Testament. Are you weak? Are you going to lose your temper, hit your wife, or love the world? You can say, “No, for the Bible tells me so.” We are secured, guaranteed, and protected by the promises in God’s covenant. These promises are great and precious, by which we may be partakers of God’s divine nature and escape the corruption that is in the world through lust (2 Peter 1:4).


2) With the Rainbow as the Sign of God’s Faithfulness in Keeping His Covenant


What is the significance of the rainbow that God set in the cloud as a token of the covenant (Genesis 9:12-17)? It signifies God’s faithfulness. God’s faithfulness is the rainbow. In the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation, the apostle John saw God sitting upon a Throne, and round about the Throne there was a rainbow (Revelation 4:3). As the closing book of the Bible, Revelation always brings us back to the beginning of the Bible. In the first book of the Bible was a rainbow, and in the last book of the Bible we still find a rainbow. God’s faithfulness remains forever. He cannot deny Himself (2 Timothy 2:13). Once He has spoken, He keeps His Word. He Himself is faithfulness. First Corinthians 1:9 says, “God is faithful, through whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord,” and 1 John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous that He may forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” God is faithful!


To what is God faithful? He is faithful to what He says. He is faithful to His Word, and His Word is the testament, the covenant. The covenant is simply God’s Word! God is faithful in whatever He says. This is the rainbow! Whenever a cloud comes, you must call God’s faithfulness to come. That means that you call out the rainbow! Whenever you feel that you are weak, you must call for God’s faithfulness, saying, “O God, You are faithful. I am weak, but You must make me strong according to Your Word.” We are all living under the covenant with God’s faithfulness as the sure sign that the flood will not come. This is the church life!


Our Christian life and church life are absolutely a covenant life. We are under the covenant! In verse after verse of the New Testament, we find God’s promises. I want to give you one of them, which I have experienced very much. “No temptation has taken you except that which is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not let you be tempted beyond what you are able, but will with the temptation make also the way out, that you may be able to endure it” (1 Corinthians 10:13). There is a verse for every circumstance that you face. If you hold on to God’s covenant, I can promise you that, regardless of what happens to you, there is a verse as a living promise for you to rely upon and live by! We all need to learn how to live under God’s covenant! We should not be threatened or frightened by the clouds of our convictions, feelings, and environments. We are under God’s covenant, fully under His blessing. There is no more condemnation, no more judgment, no more curse! Death has been abolished. In the church, we continually enjoy life! Everything is life! Do not be frightened about losing your job or your health. Do not be threatened by any dark or negative thing. We are the covenanted people, and we have a verse of promise to meet every situation. We must stand under the covenant and not believe in any failure, weakness, darkness, or negative thing. Our destiny is under the blood-sprinkled covenant. Hallelujah, we are the covenant people! There is no cloud and no flood—only life! There is no curse—only blessing! The church life is such a life, and the church people are a people under the covenant! We can actually be called the church of the covenant!



Verses and footnotes are taken from The Holy Bible Recovery Version and Words of Ministry from Brother Watchman Nee, The End of the Age and The Kingdom; The Present Testimony (1), Vol. 8, Issue 1; Brother Witness Lee, The Life-Study of Genesis, God's Dealing with The Way of Salvation from Third Fall of Man, Saved Through Water, Message 32, and  [with personal enlightenment and inspiration]. Both are published by Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA. All Rights Reserved.









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