Unlocking the Mystery of Human Life

This entire world is suffused, permeated, and filled with every kind of procedure. From instructional textbooks to surgical operations, everyone’s mind, thoughts, decisions and communications are always contemplating procedures. Virtually no one has comprehended or realized that the communicable God also has a Procedure. Yes, God has a procedure, a Divine Procedure, to fulfill His eternal purpose for man. God’s desire and purpose in creating man is to have a corporate man to express Him in His image and to represent Him with His authority. Now we must ask ourselves this question: How can man express God in His image and represent Him with His authority?


God plans and wills according to His Divine Procedure which is accomplished in three marvelous steps. The means by which God fulfills His purpose is by life, His divine life. God is going to accomplish His purpose by means of His own life! How can we human beings express God? There is no way except by receiving the life of God. Since man is destined to express God, how are we able to do this? It is impossible for us to do it by our own life because it is simply a low, fallen human life. God is transcendent! However, if you are going to express God, you need the life of God. Once you receive the life of God, you will express Him spontaneously and unconsciously. Conversely, once you have received His life, you will express His image and likeness. Therefore, life is the only way to fulfill God’s purpose. This life is not our natural life, but the divine and eternal life of God. Are you willing to receive Him that you may express His image and His likeness?


This is the basic and logical principle that we must seriously consider: We can never express God or represent Him by our own life. Your life is incapable of expressing God; it is only adequate to express yourself. Nevertheless, we all must admit that our natural life disqualifies us from expressing God and representing Him. Not only is our fallen life inadequate for this, but even the created life we had at the beginning was inadequate. This was the reason God, after creating man, placed him in front of the Tree of Life, indicating that man needed to possess a higher life, the life of God!


Although man was created according to the image of God, he did not have the life of God. That is why God intended that man should partake of the life indicated by the Tree of Life; but man failed to do so. Right now, by believing into Christ, you can be brought back to share in that life. Thus, there is no other way to express God in His image and to represent Him with His authority except to receive His life. Are you willing to receive His life that you may express Him spontaneously and unconsciously?


The first step of God’s Divine Procedure in fulfilling His purpose was to create man as a vessel to contain Himself as life. Do you realize that as a human being you are a vessel? You are a vessel created and designed to contain God!


In order that He might make known the riches of His glory upon vessels of mercy, which He had before prepared unto glory (Romans 9:23). This verse reveals that God created man as a vessel. We are vessels to contain God as life!


God formed man’s body with the dust of the ground that man may have a body as his outward expression and as an organ to contact material things. God made man with dust, not with gold. Gold cannot produce life. Dust, however, can grow life. Thus, we are a man of dust; we are an earthen vessel. Man was created by God. He was designed by the best artist. Do not pay attention to the theory of evolution. Man did not evolve from a monkey. This evil theory is foolishness and an insult to the God-created man.


Jehovah God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the Breath of Life, and man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7). God breathed into man’s nostrils the Breath of Life that man may have a human spirit as the recipient for Him to receive God and as an organ to contact God and the spiritual things (John 2:24; Romans 1:9). There is God in this universe, and God is Spirit. We cannot substantiate Him through our physical senses. It is foolish to deny the existence of God because we cannot substantiate Him in a physical way.


Thus declares Jehovah, who stretches forth the heavens and lays the foundations of the earth and forms the spirit of man within him (Zechariah 12:1). In this universe are three equally important things: the heavens, the earth, and the spirit of man. The heavens are for the earth, the earth is for man, and man has a human spirit for God!
























Suppose you are a poor person. You endeavor to earn money, primarily to satisfy your physical needs. Eventually you acquire a good house, fine food, excellent clothing, and the best transportation. Once your physical needs have been met, you begin to desire music, sports, and amusements. These gratify the psychological needs of your soul. Although you can afford every amusement, as you sit alone in your home at night you have the sense that deep within you are empty. You still need something. You tell yourself, “You have everything. What more do you want? You have a car, a fine home, a good wife and children, every amusement and entertainment.” Although you may have the finest material enjoyment and the best psychological satisfaction, you are still short. You need spiritual enjoyment, you need God! You need to be satisfied deep within with God.


Essentially, deep within you something says, “I still have a need.” Deep within you something is demanding, requiring, and even begging. What is this? It is your human spirit. This part of your being, your human spirit, needs God! You need God in Christ for full and complete satisfaction!


Do you have a need deep within you? Are you short of something? Are you willing to receive Him into your human spirit that you may be a vessel to contain God to express Him and be fully satisfied in Christ?


  Let us pray this simple prayer to receive Him:


Oh Lord Jesus Christ, O Lord, thank You for creating me as a vessel to contain You and express You. I confess that I am a fallen sinner and my human life is inadequate to express You with complete satisfaction. Although I may have everything, I am still empty, dissatisfied and needy. I need You. I need You to be my life and everything to me for full satisfaction. Right now I receive You as my Lord and Savior that I may be Your chosen vessel for Your full and complete expression on the earth to bring You back. Thank You for entering into me I that may express You until Your return to this earth. Amen!




















God made man as a tripartite being. And the God of peace Himself sanctify you wholly, and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (I Thessalonians 5:23).

Related to the soul, we have the mind, the emotions, and the will. Related to the body we have many members. Medical science takes years to study the human body and still cannot do it very well. Within our human spirit we have the conscience, the intuition, and the fellowship. God created you in such a wonderful way because He wants you to be His container to express Him. You were not made for any other purpose. Your body exists that you may be a living vessel to contain God. If you are to be such a vessel, you not only need the inward spirit, but also the outward body to enable you to live on this earth, exercising your spirit to contact God, take Him in, contain Him, and even assimilate Him. You have been made in a wonderful, tripartite way!

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