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The Passover BLOOD and COVID-19 A NEW Gospel Tract Announcement: The Passover BLOOD and COVID-19

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 and COVID-19, 2nd Ed.

Message 1

An Introductory Word


T he subject of this message is based on the present world situation concerning the Passover and Coronavirus (COVID-19). Moreover, this book characterizes how the true believers in Christ can experience peace, full deliverance, and inward freedom from dread, fear, panic, depression, and anxiety. The whole world at present is filled with perplexities and confusion. Today’s news broadcasts and media with its speculations, have no truthful answer. Not even religion can render peace, rest or any enlightenment. Religious Christianity remains perplexed and bewildered without insight regarding this mysterious crisis that’s afflicting the entire earth. The preachers can only encourage their parishioners to go online to worship God. But God is Spirit! (John 4:24) Can God be worshipped online?


The world, in ignorance, points the finger at China as the source of this problematic situation. But who is really the source? Is it China or God Himself? Because this whole world is blinded by the god of this age (2 Corinthians 4:4), it does not know who God is nor the reality of God Himself. Indeed the god of this age has utilized religion to blind the thoughts of the believers and unbelievers.




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Essentially, the World Gospel Kingdom Tracts is categorically intended  to unlock the mystery of your human life. WGKT is explicitly designed to make known the unsearchable riches of this Wonderful Christ as the mystery of the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Tract distribution is God’s sovereign way to propagate the gospel of Christ to make known the mystery of His will and His divine eternal purpose.


We need to see the crucial matter that the intrinsic essence of the gospel is the Kingdom! The Kingdom of God is a divine sphere for God to work out His plan in His divine economy.  The Kingdom of God is a realm where God can exercise His divine authority to accomplish what He intends to do. The Kingdom of God is the ruling, the reigning, of God with all its blessings and enjoyment (Mark 1:15; Colossians 1:13).


God’s eyes are turned to the Kingdom and concentrated on the Kingdom.  As God incarnate, the Lord Jesus came to establish the Kingdom of God, to establish a realm in which God can carry out His purpose through the exercise of His authority (John 1:1, 14; 3:3, 5; 18:36; Mark 4:3, 26-29; Matthew 12:28).


This is not a new gospel but one that has been neglected by the Church. The Church has forgotten about the victory, majesty, and Kingship of Christ. Those who dare to testify that only Christ is the King and that Satan is not the king are the ones who are truly preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of the Heavens!  There is only one gospel today that matches this age. God’s emphasis in this age is the expatriation of Satan and the triumph of His Son!  What we need today are Christians who match this age! God needs to gain a group of people who will sympathize with Him, who will work with Him, who will bring this age to a close, and who will bring God’s Kingdom in!


We should never think that the end will come by itself. If we reject God’s will, it is possible to hinder His will. God is waiting for those who are one with Him and who will work with Him so that He can bring this age to an end! Who is willing to participate in such a great work?




Life-Study of Genesis:  God's Dealing with the THIRD Fall of Man:

The Way of Salvation
from Man's THIRD Fall
Part 3

The Life and Work that Changed the Age


C. The Ark


4. One Door on the Side


The Ark had one door on the side (6:16). No one has ever dropped into the Ark from the heavens. We all came in through the side. There is only one door, one way, to [enter] in. Some may argue that there are twelve gates in the New Jerusalem, three gates on each of the four sides of the City. But do you not know that the three are in one? What is three? It is the dispensing of the Godhead! In the Ark there is one opening for the light and one entrance for all to get in. We all, including the apostle Paul, came through the same door! The door is Christ!


5. Material—Gopher Wood


The Ark was made of gopher wood (6:14). What is gopher wood? It is a cypress, full of resin; it is a kind of resinous wood. It can stand the attack of water. A wood without resin cannot withstand the attack of water. Gopher wood was able to withstand the attack of the flood water. Song of Songs 1:17 speaks of cedar and fir. Fir is very similar to cypress. Nearly all of the best versions translate the Hebrew word for fir as cypress. In typology, especially in the Song of Songs, cedar wood typifies the resurrected Christ! The resurrected Christ is the cedar wood that grows on the top of Mount Lebanon! Cypress is a figure of the crucified Christ! The crucified Christ can withstand the waters of death! He tasted death, and death could do nothing to Him! The Ark made of gopher wood passed through the flood, and the flood attacked it again and again, but no damage was incurred! This signifies the solidness of Christ as the Crucified One! Christ is the real gopher wood! He is the true cypress, full of resin and strong to withstand any flood! The flood waters of death cannot damage Him!


6. Covered within and without with Pitch


Christ is not only the Crucified One, but also the One who shed His blood to cover us from the penalty of our sins. So, the Ark was pitched within and without with pitch (6:14). The Hebrew word for pitch has the same root as the Hebrew word for atonement. The main meaning of this Hebrew root is “to cover.” The word for the cover of the Ark of the testimony, the mercy seat, also comes from this same root. This means that in Christ we have the full covering! We all are covered with His redemption. Death cannot damage Him, and so no condemnation or judgment can reach us, because we are under the covering of Christ’s redemption! The pitch signifies the redeeming of Christ, which covers God’s building within and without! The covering within is for our sight, and the covering without is for God’s! Perhaps when the flood was attacking the Ark, the people within were frightened. But whenever they looked at the pitch within, they could be at peace. The pitch inside the Ark was for their peace. The pitch outside the Ark was for God’s satisfaction. The covering of the pitch without was also for Satan and the angels. This is a picture of the blood! Whenever we look at the blood, we have peace! Whenever God looks at the blood, He is satisfied. Whenever Satan looks at the blood, he is unable to attack. Whenever the angels look at the blood, they rejoice!



Verses and footnotes are taken from The Holy Bible Recovery Version and Words of Ministry from Brother Watchman Nee, The End of the Age and The Kingdom; The Present Testimony (1), Vol. 8, Issue 1; Brother Witness Lee, The Life-Study of Genesis, God's Dealing with The Way of Salvation from Third Fall of Man, Message 30, and  [with personal enlightenment and inspiration]. Both are published by Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA. All Rights Reserved.









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