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THE ARK and COVID-19, 3rd Ed.

Message 2



T he second message is entitled, “The Ark and COVID-19.” As an introduction, I would like to cover some basic principles in the Scriptures regarding who God is, His divine attributes, divine economy, purpose and goal in creation, divine procedure, and the mysterious Church! After laying a solid foundation, we can proceed to the subject of this message with a transparent, clear, opened mind and prayerful heart to the Lord’s up-to-date speaking on the spiritual perception and perspicacity of today’s Christianity regarding the end of this age, the present pandemic, and upcoming tribulations.



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Essentially, the World Gospel Kingdom Tracts is categorically intended  to unlock the mystery of your human life. WGKT is explicitly designed to make known the unsearchable riches of this Wonderful Christ as the mystery of the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Tract distribution is God’s sovereign way to propagate the gospel of Christ to make known the mystery of His will and His divine eternal purpose.


We need to see the crucial matter that the intrinsic essence of the gospel is the Kingdom! The Kingdom of God is a divine sphere for God to work out His plan in His divine economy.  The Kingdom of God is a realm where God can exercise His divine authority to accomplish what He intends to do. The Kingdom of God is the ruling, the reigning, of God with all its blessings and enjoyment (Mark 1:15; Colossians 1:13).


God’s eyes are turned to the Kingdom and concentrated on the Kingdom.  As God incarnate, the Lord Jesus came to establish the Kingdom of God, to establish a realm in which God can carry out His purpose through the exercise of His authority (John 1:1, 14; 3:3, 5; 18:36; Mark 4:3, 26-29; Matthew 12:28).


This is not a new gospel but one that has been neglected by the Church. The Church has forgotten about the victory, majesty, and Kingship of Christ. Those who dare to testify that only Christ is the King and that Satan is not the king are the ones who are truly preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of the Heavens!  There is only one gospel today that matches this age. God’s emphasis in this age is the expatriation of Satan and the triumph of His Son!  What we need today are Christians who match this age! God needs to gain a group of people who will sympathize with Him, who will work with Him, who will bring this age to a close, and who will bring God’s Kingdom in!


We should never think that the end will come by itself. If we reject God’s will, it is possible to hinder His will. God is waiting for those who are one with Him and who will work with Him so that He can bring this age to an end! Who is willing to participate in such a great work?




Life-Study of Genesis:  God's Dealing with the THIRD Fall of Man:

The Way of Salvation
from Man's THIRD Fall
Part 4

The Life and Work that Changed the Age



c. Signified by the Laver, the Brass Sea,
and the Sea of Glass


In addition to the types which typify baptism, we have the signs in the Bible which signify the meaning of baptism. Baptism was signified by the laver of the Tabernacle (Exodus 30:18-21). In front of the tabernacle was the laver. The area outside the separating line of the Tabernacle represented the world. Suppose a person was coming out of the world and wanted to be a priest and get into the presence of God within the Tabernacle. Firstly, he had to pass through the altar, signifying the Cross of Christ. On the altar, the offerings for sins were presented. After passing through the altar, his sins were dealt with and he was saved. Many Christians think that after passing through the altar he could have immediately entered into the holy place within the Tabernacle. However, he could not move that fast, for after passing through the altar he needed the washing of the laver. The laver did not eliminate his sins. His sins were dealt with at the altar already. The laver dealt with his dirt from the earth. Since the dirt of the earth was still upon him, he needed to be washed. The washing of the laver removed this dirt. The blood was at the altar, not at the laver. After his sins had been dealt with at the altar and after the earthly dirt had been washed away at the laver, then he could enter into the holy place and come into the presence of God.


Many Christians do not have the way to come into God’s presence. True, they have been saved at the Cross, but to their realization there is still a separation, a barrier, that frustrates them from entering into God’s presence. What is this? It is the dirt of the world. They lack the washing of the laver to remove their dirt of the world. In other words, their sins have been dealt with on the Cross, but their world has not been buried beneath the Red Sea. [I John 1:9 and Ephesians 5:25] The laver is a sign of baptism, the flood, and the Red Sea!


The principle is the same with the one brass sea and the ten lavers associated with the Temple. Once the children of Israel were established in the land of Canaan, they built a Temple. Along with the Temple they built a brass sea and ten lavers (1 Kings 7:23, 38). Brass signifies judgment. The brass sea and the ten lavers indicate the fullness of the realization of baptism. You cannot enter into the presence of God until you pass through the true meaning of baptism, that is, to bury the world!


For example, we must bury our worldly shopping. As you read this message, your spirit may tell you that you have a problem with shopping. You do not go shopping under the leading of the Lord. Of course, there is no difficulty if you shop under the Lord’s leading. However, if you do not go shopping under the leading of the Lord, you will be killed for a few days. You will not be able to pray well or get into the Lord’s presence for that length of time. You may reason that there is nothing wrong with a particular article of clothing. Although there is nothing wrong morally speaking, your spirit tells you that as long as you wear that piece of clothing you cannot pray with the Lord’s presence. Although you might be able to pray without His presence, you cannot pray into the presence of God until you have eliminated that article of clothing. If you do that, you will be liberated. What then should we do? We should jump into the brass sea!


Baptism is also signified by the sea of glass (Revelation 4:6). In Revelation chapter four John was in the spirit and saw the Throne of God! In front of the Throne was a sea of glass. What does this mean? Brass denotes judgment, and glass means exposure. Whatever was washed in the laver or in the sea of brass could not be seen from the side, but since the sea of glass is crystal clear, everything washed in it is visible. In Revelation 15:2 the sea of glass is seen mingled with fire. This also is a sign of the universal baptism. The sea is mingled with fire. A sea, of course, is filled with water, but this sea is mingled with fire. What does this mean? Due to the fall of Satan and the fall of man, the old creation has been judged by God. God has judged again and again ever since the beginning. God judged the pre-Adamic age with water. He also judged the Adamic age with water at the time of Noah. However, after the flood, God said that never again would He judge the world with water (Genesis 9:11). He will judge with fire. Hence, in Revelation 15:2, the sea is mingled with fire; fire is burning in the sea. The two kinds of judgment exercised by God over the fallen creation are judgment by water and by fire. The sea of glass mingled with fire will consummate in the lake of fire (Revelation 20:10, 14-15). Everything that was buried at the time of your baptism will go to the lake of fire!


Revelation 15:2-3 reveals that the saved ones are standing upon the sea of glass rejoicing and singing. They sing two kinds of songs—the song of Moses, which was first sung at the shore of the Red Sea, and the song of the Lamb. They sing the song of Moses because Moses brought them through the Red Sea, and they sing the song of the Lamb of God because He has brought them through the sea of baptism. Thus, all the saved ones are on the sea of glass. This is the universal baptistery. Eventually, all created things will be burned (2 Peter 3:6-7, 10, 12). The entire creation will pass through baptism, and the oldness will be burned and washed by the burning fire into the lake of fire. That is the universal baptistery!


d. No More World and No More Judging Water in the New Heaven and the New Earth


Eventually, the new heaven and the new earth, the new creation, will be brought to the presence of God, and the New Jerusalem will descend! The presence of God will be there! There will be no more sea (Revelation 21:1). The lake of fire will be the consummation of all the baptisms throughout the ages. Everything else will be in the presence of the very God who will take the New Jerusalem as His eternal habitation! Thus, to be saved through water means that whatever is not of God and for God must be washed away by the flood. Ultimately, this flood will be mingled with fire and consummate in the lake of fire. We who have been washed from all things other than God shall be in the consummation of the New Jerusalem!


The principle is the same in the church life today. The Church is a miniature of the New Jerusalem and the baptistery is a figure of the lake of fire. Every baptism is a picture showing us how all the negative things buried in the baptistery will flow into the lake of fire. Let me ask you, where is your worldly shopping? Where are your new fashions? Where are your long hair and short skirts? They are all in the baptistery! The baptistery will transfer them to the lake of fire. This is what it means to be saved through water. This salvation will terminate the old age and usher in the new age! This salvation will bring us out of the old, crooked, and perverse generation and will usher us into the Kingdom of Christ! Therefore, the next message will be on the Kingdom life in resurrection.





Verses and footnotes are taken from The Holy Bible Recovery Version and Words of Ministry from Brother Watchman Nee, The End of the Age and The Kingdom; The Present Testimony (1), Vol. 8, Issue 1; Brother Witness Lee, The Life-Study of Genesis, God's Dealing with The Way of Salvation from Third Fall of Man, Saved Through Water, Message 31, and  [with personal enlightenment and inspiration]. Both are published by Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA. All Rights Reserved.









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