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The Passover BLOOD and COVID-19 A NEW Gospel Tract Announcement: The Passover BLOOD and COVID-19

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THE ARK and COVID-19, 3rd Ed.

Message 2



T he second message is entitled, “The Ark and COVID-19.” As an introduction, I would like to cover some basic principles in the Scriptures regarding who God is, His divine attributes, divine economy, purpose and goal in creation, divine procedure, and the mysterious Church! After laying a solid foundation, we can proceed to the subject of this message with a transparent, clear, opened mind and prayerful heart to the Lord’s up-to-date speaking on the spiritual perception and perspicacity of today’s Christianity regarding the end of this age, the present pandemic, and upcoming tribulations.



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Essentially, the World Gospel Kingdom Tracts is categorically intended  to unlock the mystery of your human life. WGKT is explicitly designed to make known the unsearchable riches of this Wonderful Christ as the mystery of the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Tract distribution is God’s sovereign way to propagate the gospel of Christ to make known the mystery of His will and His divine eternal purpose.


We need to see the crucial matter that the intrinsic essence of the gospel is the Kingdom! The Kingdom of God is a divine sphere for God to work out His plan in His divine economy.  The Kingdom of God is a realm where God can exercise His divine authority to accomplish what He intends to do. The Kingdom of God is the ruling, the reigning, of God with all its blessings and enjoyment (Mark 1:15; Colossians 1:13).


God’s eyes are turned to the Kingdom and concentrated on the Kingdom.  As God incarnate, the Lord Jesus came to establish the Kingdom of God, to establish a realm in which God can carry out His purpose through the exercise of His authority (John 1:1, 14; 3:3, 5; 18:36; Mark 4:3, 26-29; Matthew 12:28).


This is not a new gospel but one that has been neglected by the Church. The Church has forgotten about the victory, majesty, and Kingship of Christ. Those who dare to testify that only Christ is the King and that Satan is not the king are the ones who are truly preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of the Heavens!  There is only one gospel today that matches this age. God’s emphasis in this age is the expatriation of Satan and the triumph of His Son!  What we need today are Christians who match this age! God needs to gain a group of people who will sympathize with Him, who will work with Him, who will bring this age to a close, and who will bring God’s Kingdom in!


We should never think that the end will come by itself. If we reject God’s will, it is possible to hinder His will. God is waiting for those who are one with Him and who will work with Him so that He can bring this age to an end! Who is willing to participate in such a great work?




Life-Study of Genesis:  God's Dealing with the THIRD Fall of Man:

The Way of Salvation
from Man's THIRD Fall
Part 2




1. A Shadow of the Church

a. Resurrected with Christ

What do we find after the resurrection? We see a new living. Noah and the seven other people had a new living. I would also like to call your attention to the fact that the number of people in the Ark was eight. The number eight means resurrection! A week has seven days, and the beginning of a new week is the eighth day. Christ was resurrected on the first day of the week, that is, on the eighth day (John 20:1). So, the number eight signifies resurrection. In this new living, the people were in resurrection. Whatever they did was in resurrection!


Not many Christians realize the true significance of the type in this portion of the Word. We should understand this portion of the Word in the way of typology. All Christians agree that the Ark was a type of Christ, and 1 Peter 3:20-21 tells us clearly that the passing through the flood was a prefigure of baptism. Based upon these two facts, we must realize that everything related to Noah and to the seven people that were with him after the flood must also be a part of the complete type, forming a full picture of the type. We should not stop with saying that the passing through the flood was a type of baptism and that the Ark resting on the mountain was a type of Christ’s resurrection. What about the life of the eight persons after the flood? In other words, what about the living of the people after the resurrection? What does the living of those eight people after the flood signify? It signifies the church life. The living of the resurrected people after the resurrection was the church life. This is absolutely logical. The eight persons in the Ark signify us, the New Testament believers!


I would like to say a word to the young people. When I was a young Christian, I exercised my mentality very much about the statements in the Bible that say that we are in Christ. I tried to figure out how we could be in Christ. I could neither see the reality of this nor understand its significance. One day, as I was considering what Noah’s Ark passed through, the Lord showed me that the eight persons in the Ark were a picture showing us how it is that we are in Christ. Those eight persons were in the Ark when the Ark passed through the flood. Thus, they also passed through the flood in the Ark, but they themselves did not touch the flood. It was the Ark that withstood the flood waters. This answers the questions of how Christ’s crucifixion can be ours and how we were crucified in Christ. When the Ark came out of the flood, the eight people in it also came out. When the Ark rested upon the mountaintop, the eight persons also were resurrected and rested on the mountaintop in the Ark. Ephesians 2:6 says that we were raised up together with Christ. Before we were born, we were resurrected. When Christ was resurrected out from the death waters, we were in Him! Therefore, in the church we are resurrected people!


If we look at the picture of the type, we shall see that the church is another community; it is not the old society. The old community and society have been buried. When we were baptized, we buried the old community and society. The flood came and buried Noah’s old society, and only eight persons were resurrected! Now the living of those eight persons on the new line must be a type of the church life. We are the church people, and the church people are a resurrected people. We are another community, another society. The church life is a new community!


After the flood, the eight persons saved through the Ark began to have a new living. Before the flood, they saw many evil and ungodly things. But they were saved, separated, resurrected, and ushered into a new living. That new living was a type of the church life. In addition to all the other seeds sown in the book of Genesis, the seed of the church life is also sown there. Every part of the living of the eight people was a prefigure of a part of the church life!


b. The Fleshly Ones, Signified by the Raven, Going Back to the World Judged by God


Before the eight people began their new living on the new earth, Noah conducted some tests. He sent forth a raven and a dove (8:7-12). The raven represents the fleshly people. If you read Leviticus Chapter 11 carefully, you will find that the raven is an unclean bird. All of the unclean birds are unclean because they eat the dead things, the carcasses. In other words, they eat death. They are unclean because they feed on death. Death is filthy in the eyes of God. According to the Old Testament, once a person contacted death, he immediately became unclean. While the unclean birds ate death, the clean birds ate grain, cereal. In every grain there is life. The clean birds are clean because they feed on life. In the eyes of God, nothing is as clean as life, and nothing is as unclean as death. Do you eat death or life? Do you eat the carcass or the seed? Whoever eats carcasses is a raven, and whoever eats seeds is a dove.


Noah was wise and firstly sent out a raven. When the raven left the Ark, it was as if he had come out of a cage. He saw the carcasses floating on the water of judgment and began to feed on them. When he was confined in the Ark, he had no opportunity to eat carcasses, because there was no death in the Ark. However, as he left the Ark, he saw that the surface of the water was filled with carcasses, filled with death. What does this mean? It means that within the church there is no death and that all the ravens are being starved. In the church, the people who are accustomed to feeding on death are starving. One day, when there is the opportunity to get out, the ravens will fly away and begin to feed on the carcasses. Throughout the years, I have seen a good number of such “ravens.” They were in the church life for awhile, but went out to contact the world that was judged by God and began to feed on the carcasses. Anyone that loves the condemned world resembles a raven feeding on the things of death. Even Demas, who was once with the apostle Paul, loved the world and forsook Paul (2 Timothy 4:10). To love the world is to feed on the dead things condemned and judged by God!





Verses and footnotes are taken from The Holy Bible Recovery Version and Words of Ministry from Brother Watchman Nee, The End of the Age and The Kingdom; The Present Testimony (1), Vol. 8, Issue 1; Brother Witness Lee, The Life-Study of Genesis, God's Dealing with The Way of Salvation from Third Fall of Man, Saved Through Water, Message 32, and  [with personal enlightenment and inspiration]. Both are published by Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA. All Rights Reserved.









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